Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals ›› 2022, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (5): 610-613. doi: 10.11946/cjstp.202111270920

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Analysis and construction practice of international digital publishing platform for scientific journals

ZHANG Li()(), SHI Lei   

  1. Tsinghua University Press, Xueyan Building, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084, China
  • Received:2021-11-27 Revised:2022-04-13 Online:2022-05-15 Published:2022-06-22


张莉()(), 石磊   

  1. 清华大学出版社,北京市海淀区双清路学研大厦 100084
  • 作者简介:张 莉(ORCID:0000-0002-4702-7572),硕士,副编审,E-mail:;
    石 磊,硕士,编审。


[Purposes] By sharing practical experience and summarizing the challenges of platform construction, we hope to promote the development of China's digital publishing platform for scientific journals. [Methods] The status quo of domestic platform construction was investigated and the deficiencies were summarized. The construction ideas of Tsinghua University Press were shared. The difficulties in the construction process were also discussed. [Findings] Relying on the project of the international digital publishing platform of "Excellence Action Plan for China STM Journals", the platform developed by Tsinghua University Press has realized the digital integration in the whole publishing process, internationalized communication, rapid publication with multiple modes, and journal-oriented knowledge service. [Conclusions] By tackling the problems in platform construction and striving for the support of policies, China is due to establish a number of high-level publishing and communication platforms to enhance the development of scientific journals and serve national scientific and technological innovation.

Key words: Scientific journal, Digital publishing platform, Construction practice


【目的】 分享实践经验、总结建设难点,以期助力中国科技期刊数字出版平台建设。【方法】 对国内平台建设现状进行调研,总结不足;分享清华大学出版社数字出版平台建设时的思考;讨论数字出版平台建设过程中的难点。【结果】 依托“中国科技期刊卓越行动计划”的科技期刊数字化传播国际平台服务项目,清华大学出版社初步开发完成的平台实现了全流程一体化、传播国际化、多种模式快速出版,及面向期刊的知识服务等功能。【结论】 通过解决平台建设中存在的问题,争取国家政策支持,中国一定能够建成一批高水平的出版与传播平台,助力科技期刊发展,服务国家科技创新。

关键词: 科技期刊, 数字出版平台, 建设实践