Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals ›› 2022, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (5): 629-637. doi: 10.11946/cjstp.202111180900

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Analysis of the services on official websites of forestry journals in China and abroad amid media convergence

TIAN Jie()(), ZHANG Jing, SHI Wenchuan   

  1. Journal Press of Hebei Agricultural University, 289 Lingyusi Street, Baoding 071001, China
  • Received:2021-11-18 Revised:2022-04-08 Online:2022-05-15 Published:2022-06-22


田杰()(), 张菁, 石文川   

  1. 河北农业大学期刊社,河北省保定市灵雨寺街289号 071001
  • 作者简介:田 杰(ORCID:0000-0001-7478-7502),硕士,编辑,E-mail:;
    张 菁,硕士,副研究员;
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[Purposes] This paper investigates the services on official websites of leading forestry journals in China and abroad, which is expected to serve as a reference for optimizing and upgrading the website construction of forestry journals in China. [Methods] Through network research, the status quo of official websites of forestry journals in China and abroad, such as the columns, service content, and service mode, was probed. [Findings] The official websites of foreign forestry journals have comprehensive columns and rich service content with emphasis on the service for authors and readers and the value-added presentation of papers. Through multimedia integration, well-timed upgrading of content, and emphasis on personalized service, these journals enhanced the services on the official websites. However, official websites of forestry journals in China have a few columns and unitary content, without emphasis on services for authors. The value-added services of papers need to be more comprehensive and exquisite. Thus, they should enhance the application of new media, release well-timed content, and strengthen personalized services. [Conclusions] Under the background of media convergence, forestry journals in China should strengthen the construction and upgrading of their websites, break with tradition, provide comprehensive services with emphasis, release well-timed content, make full use of new media, enhance the personalized services, and adopt clustering development.

Key words: Scientific journal, Journal website, Service optimization


【目的】 通过调研国内外一流林业期刊网站服务现状,为优化升级国内林业期刊网站建设提供借鉴。【方法】 通过网络调研法调研国内外林业期刊网站的建设情况,从网站服务栏目类别、服务内容侧重性、增强服务方式多样性3个方面分析两者现状。【结果】 国外林业期刊网站服务栏目类别全面、内容丰富,同时有侧重性,突出对作者的服务和论文的增值呈现,通过多媒体应用、加强内容时效性、注重个性化服务增强网站服务效能。国内林业期刊网站栏目设置及内容单一,对作者的专项服务不突出,论文增值服务还需更加全面和精致,在新媒体应用、内容实效性、个性化服务方面有待加强。【结论】 融媒体背景下国内林业期刊应加强网站的建设升级,转变思想观念,加强服务的全面化、全程性和侧重性,增强网站内容的实效性、拓展新媒体表达形式、增强对用户的个性化服务,进一步探索期刊集群的集约化发展道路。

关键词: 科技期刊, 期刊网站, 服务功能优化