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Analysis and thoughts on vigorously promoting bilingual publishing of China's scientific journals

LIU Sen()()   

  1. Journal Publishing Center of Tsinghua University Press, B605A, Xueyan Building, Haidian District, Beijing 100084, China
  • Received:2021-12-09 Revised:2022-03-14 Online:2022-04-15 Published:2022-05-23



  1. 清华大学出版社期刊中心,北京市海淀区学研大厦B座605A 100084
  • 作者简介:刘 森(ORCID:0000-0002-9130-3319),博士,副编审,副主编,E-mail:


[Purposes] This paper analyzes the general situation, influencing factors, and prospects of bilingual publishing of China's scientific journals and discusses the necessity, goals, and paths of vigorously promoting bilingual publishing. [Methods] The literature and data on bilingual publishing of scientific journals in China were collected and compared with those in some other non-English speaking countries. The factors influencing the bilingual publishing of scientific journals in China were analyzed. [Findings] Bilingual publishing, especially bilingual mixed publishing, is an important way to build an international academic exchange platform. However, the development lags behind, and there is large room for improvement. Efforts should be made to catch up with English journals in the overall number and keep pace with Chinese journals in the number of journals with high international influence. [Conclusions] Vigorously promoting bilingual publishing of China's scientific journals in both quantity and quality meets the needs of expanding academic exchanges and promoting the development of China's scientific journals. This move is beneficial to improving the distribution of China's scientific journals, constructing a "dual-circulation" development pattern, and promoting the process of science center transferring to China.

Key words: Bilingual publishing, Influencing factor, International influence, Academic exchange, Science center


【目的】 分析中国科技期刊双语出版的概况、影响因素和前景,探讨大力推进双语出版的必要性、目标和路径。【方法】 收集有关中国科技期刊双语出版的文献和数据,与部分非英语国家科技期刊双语出版进行对比,结合国情分析中国科技期刊双语出版的影响因素。【结果】 中国科技期刊双语出版尤其是双语混合出版是建设国际化学术交流平台的重要途径,但实际的发展滞后,具有广阔的提升空间,需要在整体数量上追赶英文期刊,在高国际影响力期刊数量上与中文期刊看齐。【结论】 从数量和质量上大力推进中国科技期刊双语出版,切合了扩大学术交流和促进期刊发展的需要,有利于改善中国科技期刊布局,构建“双循环”发展格局,推动科学中心向中国转移。

关键词: 双语出版, 影响因素, 国际影响力, 学术交流, 科学中心