Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals ›› 2015, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (4): 405-413. doi: 10.11946/cjstp.201411211124

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Quantitative researches on open access journals indexed in Scopus and W oS databases

CHEN Juan   

  1. Acquisition Department of Xiamen University Library,422-1 of Sim ing South Road,Xiamen 361005,China
  • Received:2014-11-21 Revised:2015-03-06 Online:2015-04-15 Published:2015-04-15



  1. 厦门大学图书馆采访部,厦门思明南路422号之一 361005
  • 作者简介:陈娟(ORCID:0000-0003-4133-4958),经济学硕士,馆员,采访部主任,E-mail:


[Purpose] Itaims to lead research communities to have a quantitative understanding about thewhole situation and grow th speed of open access journals(OAJ) in high quality academ ic journals at present,and to provide reference for colleagues to engage in the empirical researches of OAJ's academ ic influence evaluation.[Methodology] Itanalyzes OAJdistribution indexed in Scopus and WoS databases by citation and multivariate statistic analysismethods,and compares the averagemeans of evaluation indicators between OAJand non-OAJ.Moreover,it differentiates their grow th speed of indicators above.[Findings] The openness of high quality academ ic journals published in developing countries is generally high.However,the openness of high quality academ ic journals published in China is quite low.Both Scopus and WoS own a big proportion of OAJ in medicine,pharmacy,biology and earth sciences.The averagemeans of OAJ's evaluation indicators are lower than subscription journals in every discipline,but OAJ w in advance on their grow th speed.[Conclusions] It is suggested that the government should provide funds to OAJ publishing,negotiate related open access policies,popularize creative commons license among open access publishers,and publicize OAJ publication policies in research communities.

Key words: Scopus, Web of science, Open access journals, DOAJ, Journal impact factor, SNIP, IPP, SJR

摘要: 目的 引导科学社群定量认识开放获取期刊在当前高水平学术期刊中的整体情况和发展速度,为国内同行进行开放获取期刊的学术影响力评价的实证研究提供一些参考。 方法 采用引文分析法、多元统计法分析Scopus和WoS收录的OA期刊分布情况,比较各学科OA和非OA期刊各项评价指标均值差异,以及它们在这些评价指标的进步速度上的差异。结果 发展中国家高水平学术期刊的开放获取程度普遍较高,然而中国出版的高水平学术期刊的开放获取程度却比较低;Scopus和WoS在医学、药学、生物和地球科学领域OA比例较高;Scopus和WoS收录的OA期刊在各学科上的期刊评价指标均值均低于非OA期刊,然而OA期刊相比非OA期刊在期刊评价指标的进步速度上更具有优势。结论 建议从国家层面对开放获取期刊予以经费支持并制定相应的开放获取政策,在期刊开放出版领域普及知识共享许可协议,向科研社群普及开放获取期刊的利用政策。

关键词: Scopus, Web of Science, 开放获取期刊, DOAJ, 期刊影响因子, SNIP, IPP, SJR